Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


Yemen’s borders have been sealed by Saudi-led coalition, preventing entry of food, medicine and deliveries, in addition to humanitarian aid from reaching innocent lives who urgently need it. This blockade is a violation of international humanitarian law and has been condemned, as millions are not receiving critical aid. 

Many donations to Yemen are being blocked or going to the wrong place, (eg. Saudi occupied areas, impeding the international aid and preventing the supplies from reaching those who need it most.)

Due to legal reasons, international charities cannot submit donations to the cause they have pledged to help. This means that the money raised does not go through due to the blockade and sanctions placed on Yemen. There are occurrences of money going to the government rather than the people. Therefore it is advised to donate to people who have grass-root levels in the country as that money will not face any legal blockings.

Below is a compilation of trustworthy charities where the money is directly going to Yemen and will not face any legal resistance through the government or fall into the wrong hands.

All of these charities are non-profit so 100% of the donations go to the cause. They are all based in Yemen, ensuring that the money is going to actually help the people of Yemen, bypassing the complete air, land and naval blockade.


Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (

The Yemen Foundation is a charity based in Yemen that is led by the extensive network of local volunteers across Yemen, allowing them to reach those in urban areas, remote inaccessible villages, areas with active fighting, refugee camps and makeshift shelters. Their services include providing food, clean water, medicine, education and economic support. They have published their accomplishments on their website, including a page for “March - June 2020 Accomplishments” to show the impact your donations will have. They also received the 2020 Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency as well as being vetted by GlobalGiving (which means that the charity has been checked to ensure that they are being transparent and accountable in their work)

Saba Relief (

Saba Relief is a non-profit registered charity in the UK that has an established office in Yemen so that it can provide humanitarian aid directly to alleviate the poverty and suffering faced by populations in Yemen. In order to combat the collapsing healthcare system, they distribute hygiene kits to local clinics. As well as this, they have projects for orphan sponsorship, food, water, healthcare and education. On the “media” section of their website they have pictures and videos to show how the money is providing aid. Donors also receive “regular updates of these projects via photographs and videos”.

Yemen Hope and Relief (

Yemen Hope and Relief is a grassroots organisation in Yemen founded by Ahmad Algohbary. He shares heartfelt stories about individual Yemenis and provides transparent updates through photographs on how your donations are helping to alleviate the suffering in Yemen. His own story is deeply touching, having lost many of his friends to the war in Yemen, he felt he had nothing left to live for, until he started to help others. Ahmad is working on the ground in Yemen to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of food, water, financial support and healthcare.

Unite 4 Humanity (

Unite 4 Humanity is a non-profit Muslim organisation and all the work is carried out by experienced and dedicated volunteers, ensuring that 100% of the donations go to the cause. Unite 4 Humanity has direct connections with people working on the ground to deliver the humanitarian aid. They provide emergency aid including: food packs; water pumps; shelter; sanitation through supplying toiletries and hygiene kits; education and healthcare. 

Mona Relief (

A 100% Yemeni organisation based in Sana’a Yemen. This charity was founded by Fatik-Al Rodaini who is a Human Rights Activist in Sana’a. THe charity has projects all over Yemen including: Sana’a; Amran; Hajjeh; Al Hodeidah; Sa’adah; Dhamar; Marin and Al Mahweet. The ground crew (made up of volunteers in Yemen) buy food packages locally and distribute this critical aid under the management of Fatik Al-Rodaini.  They distribute food parcels, blankets, school bags, clothing, This charity is also very transparent as to where it’s funds go, detailing updates on the “News”, “Albums” and “Projects” sections of their website.

Fundraiser organised by Saleh Algunaidi (

Saleh Algunaidi has direct connections on the ground in Yemen. He arranges for emergency food parcels, water and medications to be distributed. On his page he is also very transparent, showing how the financial aid is helping via photographs and through his updates of what the donations have done for people. 

PureHands - US (

PureHands is a US non-profit organisation that works with 35 local partners operating on the ground in Yemen. It has two field offices based in Aden and Sana’a. PureHands intervention focuses on alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities, and delivering emergency relief through WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects, shelter (for those internally displaced), child protection, food security and health. They have financial statements (very transparent!) and annual impact reports on their website, showing the amazing work they are achieving with donations.

Find more information on FREE ways to donate, Petitions you can sign and sources to educate yourself on the topic, in the document below.

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